A Beagle Triumphs Over a Robotic Spider in this Thrilling Battle on Video!!!

Maymo is a 2-year-old beagle who has become an online star is a series of video created and posted by her owner. This latest instalment features a duel between the dog and a robotic remote controlled spider! Please watch and enjoy this classic conflict in the video below.

See Video Here

Online Viewer Comments

· What a cute dog!

· This doesn’t look a real spider.

· I want to see the other videos of Maymo!

Maymo scrutinizes the robotic spider which has suddenly appeared out of nowhere!


Another beagle looks on with much interest but Maymo wants to challenge the big spider!

Maymo attacks and bites the spider!

The beagle has clearly won this battle and the big spider didn’t stand a chance!

Maymo looks directly at the camera with a bored expression. Bring on the next challenge!