A Golden Retriever Delicately Deals with the Persistent Pestering of a Baby Over a Toy Bone!!!


Here is a golden retriever chewing on a dog snack bone when a young baby approaches and and tries to get the dog’s bone! A lengthy tussles ensues between the tiny infant and the large dog! Please watch and enjoy this battle between pooch and baby!

▼ This dog is totally focused on enjoying his “dog treat bone” and the baby has a mischievous look on his face! The battle is about to begin!

▼ As the dogs keep biting on the “dog treat bone”, the baby gives a big hug right on the head of the dog!  It is an annoying antic by the adorable baby!

▼The baby clearly wants the bone and starts to tussle with the big dog for it!

▼ Eventually, the infant prevails and the big dog allows the baby the “dog treat bone” for a toy! What a kind and gracious gesture!


See Video Here

This golden retriever shows remarkable composure not to bite or harm the infant in any way during this tussle! The baby clearly doesn’t feel any danger as he plays with the mouth and teeth of the large dog!

This dog is a wonderful guardian for such a young child! ♪

source: YouTube

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