See a Hilarious Video of an Older Sister Upstaging Her Singing Sister with Crazy Dancing!!!


This video that has been published on Facebook as “Worst Beatboxer” has created much laughter from viewers all over the world!

In the video, you see a young girl singing a ballad called “Some Nights” in front of the camera. During this performance, her older sister proceeds to start high-energy dancing in the background of her sister’s song! The duel between the two sisters continues with neither of them willing to give up! This video is so funny and is certain to make you smile!

▼ Here is the younger sister just before she starts singing in front of the camera.

▼ The older sister notices from the kitchen and there is a look of mischief in her eyes.

▼ While one sister continues to sing, the other sister is making funny faces and doing some strange dance moves!


<See the Rest of the Video Here>

The older sister’s dancing is simply hilarious and is a stark contrast to the younger sister’s earnest singing! They are both talented in their own ways!

By the way, here is the original song of “Some Nights” so watch the video and enjoy!


<See Official Video of “Some Nights>

source: YouTube
source: Facebook