[One piece of miracle] Tiger’s face appearance The rarities that occurred in the panel are topics! Although it is just fit, it is incongruous?

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A familiar face-up panel at leisure spots such as zoos. This time, images capturing the miracle moment occurred on face panel are topics! There is such a thing! Is it?

The place that was shot was Omoriyama Zoo in Akita-shi, Akita Prefecture. Features that are devised while being small-scale zoo, for example, in the “Chimpanzee Forest”, we gave the rope from the high strut, reproduced the tree life of the chimpanzee, and in “Raccoon’s Shabu-shabu Terrace” It is said that you can observe the washing food in the water field as long as you reach it.

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Incidentally, Instagram is starting from May 9th.

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And it is an image capturing the moment of a miracle that is a topic here.

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The decisive moment that a genuine tiger peeps at the face from the tiger ‘s face panel. Charming while there is power! Is it? A tiger with expressions is impressive. Although it is perfect for the size of the hole, it is extremely uncomfortable.

Illustration of the panel, the parent’s tiger has a child’s tiger. Looking at each other ‘s expression, the tiger who is looking at his face has a convocation.

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