A Young Boy is Frightened By a “Haunted Human Poster” on a Street in Sweden!!!


Here is an innovative method to attract and beguile potential customers with the following high-technology attraction that is in reality a low-technology technique by placing a person behind a poster advertisement on a busy street in Stockholm, Sweden. The people are attracted by the poster content and the QR code which makes them approach the poster until they are surprized by the person hiding inside!

▼ The poster is a simple design which can be easily created with materials from a DIY shop.


▼ Here is one of the practitioners practicing a “Surprize” posture when encountering people in public!

▼ The “haunted poster” deception would work like this.

▼ The smartphone would read the “QR Code” which would signal the word “Boo!” on the smartphone screen.

▼ People will absolutely approach the poster and then receive a shocking surprize!

▼ Here is one of men secretly hiding just behind the poster screen!

What types of reactions will people have to this deception? Please watch this entertaining and interesting video to see how people reacted to this “haunted poster”!

See Video Here

With a creative idea and good planning, this scheme was easily created and gave some people in Stockholm a pleasant surprize!