Enjoy Watching a Young Boy and a Trained Dolphin Playing Catch Ball in a Cool Video!!!

source: YouTube

Is this an aquarium?

Here is an unusual sight of humans and dolphins are playing together both inside and outside a swimming pool that became a big topic of discussion with online viewers from all over the world!

Dolphin: “Throw the ball!”

source: YouTube

Boy: “OK, here you go!”

source: YouTube

Dolphin: “I can catch any ball!”

source: YouTube

Dolphin: “It’s your turn, I wonder if I can catch it this time?”

source: YouTube

Boy: “Are you sure that you can catch this ball?”

source: YouTube

Dolphin: “Did you think I could really catch that?”

source: YouTube

Boy: “You are really good at this!”

source: YouTube

Dolphin: “I can jump in the pool and retrieve the ball. Don’t worry!

source: YouTube

Dolphin “This is too much fun!”

source: YouTube

What did you think?

There really seems to be a close friendship between the young boy and the dolphin and this scene featuring interaction between these sea mammals and children was received warmly by the people who watched the video on YouTube!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

source: YouTube

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