The Amazing Story of a Woman Calling 911 to Order Pizza with a Surprising Twist…


fd141029d001On a rainy day, a 911 emergency operator received a strange telephone call to order pizza which turned into a victim of a crime requesting assistance.

Dialogue from the actual telephone call

Operator: Hello, thank you for calling 911. Could you please explain the nature of your emergency?
Woman: Hello, this is 123 Main Street
Operator: OK, can you please tell me what is the problem?
Woman: I would like to order a pizza but
Operator: Excuse me, do you realise that you have contacted 911?
Woman: Yes, I know. Can I order a large half and half pizza with salami, mushroom and green peppers?
Operator: Hmm, I’m sorry. Do you understand that you have contacted 911 emergency services?
Woman: Yes, could you tell me how long it will take?
Operator: Are you alright? Is there an emergency?
Woman: Yes.
Operator:Is there someone else there with you now that you are trying to decieve?
Woman: Yes, that’s right. How much does the pizza,cost?
Operator: The police are on the way and are about 1.6km from your home. Are there any weapons in your home?
Woman: No
Operator: Can you stay on the line?
Woman: No. Thank you anyway.

It was later discovered that the woman was a victim of domestic crime

After this call, the operator searched the address and telephone number in 911 database and discovered a number of domestic violence incidents had occurred at this location in the past. When police officers arrived at the address after rushing to the scene, they found a man who was intoxicated who had physically attacked a women according to the operatorI think that this woman was very clever using a phone call to deceive her attacker.The woman said.

In what began as a typical prank call to emergency services to order pizza delivery suddenly became an unexpected life and death emergency and the dramatic rescue by emergency services and police. The decisiveness and quick thinking of the operator saved the women’s life. I think that the training and experience of 911 operators really shone through in this story.

How do you feel about this story?

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