See an Amazing Rescue of a Kitten by a Mother Cat After Falling Off a Steep Cliff!!!

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Here is a life threatening situation involving a tiny kitten that has fallen off the ledge of a cliff and in serious trouble. the mother cat is trying to her child but is having trouble doing so creating a tension filled drama that was captured on video!

My mother never gives up!

Apparently, this kitten had mistakenly fallen off this steep cliff. The tiny cat is unable to get back up to safety as his mother looks on helplessly!
source: YouTube

As the kitten attempts to reach his mother, it is a tense and nervous looking scene!
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source: YouTube

The kitten keeps slipping back before reaching safety!
A life-threatening situation!
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Suddenly, the kitten starts tumbling down the slope!

A fallen kitten in serious trouble.
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After a horrific looking fall, the kitten is now in a dire situation!

Now, the mother takes the initiative and skillfully moves down to her fallen child!
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The mother cat reaches her kitten and then picks up the tiny cat in her mouth and begins to climb up the steep slope!

A gentle touch and a dramatic rescue.
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A dramatic climb and rescue!
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Finally, the mother cat manages to clamber up the steep cliff with her kitten in her mouth! What an amazing feat!
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source: YouTube
The mother cat and her kitten were able to escape this perilous situation but it was truly a close call that could have easily ended in injury or worse for the tiny cat!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

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What a dramatic rescue of this kitten by the mother cat! It truly is a spectacular recovery after a hair raising near death scenario!

source: youtube