A cat with a rifle is discovered → The police are dispatched and strict precaution with verbal endings … Why is that !?

source: facebook

A cat with a rifle was discovered, and the police were acting. However, we will introduce a series of streams that has been limited to verbal and careful attention as a topic!

Location is Newport, Oregon, USA. A cat is said to have climbed up a tree, but that cat said he had a rifle. I do not have such a thing! It is! And thought … This is the post that became the beginning of the topic.

source: facebook

Oh! It is! I’m surely holding a rifle with sharp eyesight and are aiming at something. Someone reported this emergency, the police acted. It seems he ran to the scene.

source: facebook

No, please wait a moment. It will be a tree, a tree branch ….

source: facebook

It only looked like a cat had a branch shaped like a rifle. Even so, how to hold it, good shape of branches, good timing and discovered.

The police have reported that they gave oral strict attention to cats in the above post. For this series of events, “Is it just like a control?” “Who reported it? That’s a problem” “It was a police warm posting” “It’s definitely a rifle, for cats. Many voices were received such as “It should have been nearby.”

I thought that it was strange from the beginning …. In any case, police posting such events and people reacting to it. It’s like a story like a cont … This kind of affair! Is it? I hope it only took place.

source: facebook

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