Enjoy the Wandering Baby Goats at the “Zoo Fox Village” in the Tohoku Region of Japan!!!

source: twitter
Here are some photos of a facility in the Tohoku region of Japan called the “Zao Fox Village” that was recently posted on Twitter that features some baby goats freely wandering around the grounds and interacting with visitors!

Baby goats greeting visitors!

▼ Here are two baby goats enjoying the warmth of an electric stove.
source: twitter

▼ Looking for a snack?
source: twitter

▼ This baby goat is not a souvenir and isn’t for sale at the gift shop.
source: twitter

▼ The real animals are cuter than the stuffed animals.
source: twitter

The adorable animals are just so cute and really add to the experience at this lovely facility! For more photographs, please check out the Twitter user’s account below!

These cute goats, more than 100 foxes, and other animals are waiting for you at the “Zao Fox Village”!

Zao Fox Village Official Website

source: twitter / zao-fox-village.com