See Amazing Aerial Photos of a Huge Hole in a Dam Releasing Several Tons of Water!!!

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Here are some spectacular images of some aerial photographs taken by a drone of a hole of a reservoir in the state of California in the United States!

The Monticello Dam is said to be popular as a tourist attraction ant this unusual phenomenon has become a big topic of discussion with online viewers everywhere!

source: YouTube

This dam was originally constructed approximately 70 years ago and is apparently showing its age!
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The water is swirling around and flowing violently down through the hole and into the Puta River which is located 600 meters below the reservoir.

Here is an aerial photograph taken by a drone from directly above the spectacle.
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Water is pouring out with tremendous momentum and it truly does look frightening!
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People who saw this for the first time were surprised to see a big hole in the middle of this reservoir.
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source: YouTube

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This scene is absolutely frightening to see as the enormous body of water is being sucked down through the hole and could be huge disaster for the local population!

Please take a look and watch the extended videos below!

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source: YouTube