See a Cute Little Girl’s Unsuccessful Attempt to Escape Her Shadow!!!

source: YouTube
Everyone has a shadow and one can never escape from their shadow! For children, discovering their shadow is quite a vivid event and here is an adorable little girl who has just had this experience and her reactions are shown below!

A little girl frightened by his shadow.

In this video, twin girls are walking together happily. However, one of the girls suddenly notices the existence of her shadow for the first time in her life! Her reaction is so cute but she appears to be a little scared!

▼ Who are you?
source: YouTube

▼ Please stop following me!
source: YouTube
The girl starts crying and runs back to her mother. Her reaction is simple adorable!

I imagine she will ask her mother for help!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

I wonder if I was as cute as this little girl when I first noticed my shadow? Probably not!

source: youtube