See a Charismatic Jack Russell Terrier Become a Crowd Favourite at a UK Dog Show!!!

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The biggest British dog show in the world is “Crufts” took place this year from March 9th to March 12th in the United Kingdom. This show is the largest showcase of the world’s dog breeds and this year a Jack Russell terrier named “Olly” attracted a lot of attention and became a crowd favourite for his engaging personality and never say die attitude!

Olly participated in the agility category.

This competition features various challenges designed to test the dog’s agility on a course and the animals performance and time is measured. When “Olly” was racing through this course, he accidentally stumbled and crashed to the ground face first!

A spectacular crash on the course!
WS000004_R - コピー
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▼ However, the feisty dog quickly recovered and continued on. Here is the plucky dog going through the zig-zag section of the course.
WS000006_R - コピー
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▼ Here is “Olly” going airborne over a ramp on the course.
WS000007_R - コピー
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▼ This dog got so excited that he forgot where the finish line of the course was!
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▼ This dog really seems to be enjoying himself!
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Please watch the video that includes commentary on “Olly’s” performance and the warm reaction of the crowd to this passionate pooch!

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What a delightful and charismatic dog! His fighting spirit and feisty attitude made him stand out at the world’s largest dog show this year!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

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This show is an amazing showcase of the world’s dog breeds so please take a look at the official website and YouTube Channel!

Crufts Youtube Channel

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