See an Iguana Rush Onto the Court and Interfere with a Professional Tennis Match!!!

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Here is a video of an iguana which had apparently rushed onto the court of a professional tennis match that captured the attention of online viewers from around the world!

This incident occurred at the Miami Open on March 22nd in a first round match between Tommy Haas of Germany against Ily Veseli of the Czech Republic when the iguana appeared on the scoreboard on the court!

source: YouTube

Tournament staff temporarily suspended the match to discuss whether to stop the match and attempt to capture the iguana before continuing!

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Here is Tommy Haas taking selfie photo with the iguana on the scoreboard.

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A decision was made to catch the iguana as soon as possible.


Here are some of the tournament staff attempting to grab the iguana by the tail!

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The iguana jumps onto the court and attempts to escape capture!

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Here is the iguana posing for photographs in front of the surprised crowd of spectators!

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The iguana then returns to its perch on the scoreboard again!

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The atmosphere of the entire tennis match has been transformed into a venue of iguana watching!

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By the way, Tommy Haas ultimately lost this match and commented “that iguana may have been told that I will be playing here and wanted to watch me in my final professional match! He retired at the end of the season.

Similar incidents such as crocodiles appearing at golf courses have caused delays in other professional sporting events but this was the first time that an iguana had ever been involved! Eventually, the reptile was captured and escorted from the venue by tournament staff!

Please take a look at the extended video below.

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