Watch an Adorable and Dazed Cat Accidentally Get Hypnotized and Fall Asleep!!!

source: YouTube
Here is a photograph of a cute cat gazing at some swinging bells and listening to a soothing human voice! It appears that this cute kitty is being hypnotized and will soon fall asleep!

Hypnotized Cats.

As the feline continues to watch the swinging bell, there is a human voice in the background speaking some hypnotic sentences and it appears to be actually working!
source: YouTube
This cute kitty is about to fall asleep through hypnosis! Is that actually possible?

Look how cute this feline’s facial expression as it starts to fall asleep!
source: YouTube

Later, the sleeping kitty is aroused by the voice of the hypnotist who is laughing at the drowsy feline!
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source: YouTube

This video is so adorable that I could watch it again and again and again!

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What did you think?

It seems impossible but this cat was actually hypnotized!

source: youtube