See a Mother Dog Get Angry at Her Husband’s Rude Behavior to Her Puppies!!!

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Here is an image of an adult dog taking care of his two children and it looks like a relaxing scene.

However, the father dog is perhaps napping slightly when one of the puppies startles him out of his slumber and without thinking, he bares his teeth and growls at tiny puppy!

In a flash, the mother descends on her husband with unbridled fury and barks and snaps her teeth directly in front of her spouse’s face.

The father dog is clearly terrified of his wife and he appears to beg for forgiveness while backing into corner of the room!

A strong wife and mother.

Did he get bored of watching his children?

And suddenly without any warning, he barks and growls at the two tiny puppies!

source: YouTube

The two children cry out in surprise and the mother dog races to the scene!

“What are you doing?”.

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The father is in total confusion at this moment as the mother dog continues bark and growl aggressively with him!

“Why are you frightening our children!”

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“I’m so very sorry!”

“What were you going to do with your children after you have surprised them?”

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“So very Sorry, I will never do it again!”

The mother dog seems to tell her husband “I will not forgive this type of mischief next time”.

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Dad is now totally different and sorrowful now and is trying to behave like a good parent!

Please watch the extended video below.

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What did you think?

These canine parents look so similar to human parents when caring for their children or having a disagreement! In both cases, the matron tends to the strongest when it comes family issues such as child rearing!

source: YouTube