A Traffic Crosswalk in Germany Features a “StreetPong” Video Game that People Can Play!!!

Have you ever felt frustrated while waiting for a traffic signal light to change at an intersection or crosswalk? At a traffic crosswalk in Germany, a unique solution has been devised to keep pedestrians occupied with getting frustrated!

Although, the traffic signal shows “green” a pedestrian is playing the game called “StreetPong” against another pedestrian on the other side of the street!

Here is the other person is playing the game on the other side of the street.

The street-pong game start while the traffic signal light is red.

The game can be played with an easy movement of the finger.

The color of the game changes to blue to continue playing the game.

It was a competitive game! Here comes the opponent walking across the street.

The two players give each other a “High five!”

This game releases a lot of stress while waiting at a busy intersection.

See Video Here

The person who designed the “StreetPong” is named Sandro Engel and he briefly appeared in the video. It seems that this game is a relaxing diversion for pedestrians and the rules are so simple that basically anyone can play it!

source: hawk-hhg.de