Watch a Daredevil Dive Into the Crater of a Volcano and Film These Amazing Images!!!

Here is a man who is looking into the crater of an active volcano on the island of Vanuatu which glows with liquid magma. Please take a look at these never taken before images of molten lava close up and extremely dangerous.

See Video Here

Here are videographer Sam Cosman’s comments.

George Kourounisu. Geoff McCarey and myself became pioneers of this type of close-up volcano videography so together with Brad Ambrose we decided to become the first explorers of craters of the most active volcanos in the world. Visitors to these types of conditions are less than the number of people who have visited the moon.

Here is the Malam volcano on the island of Vanuatu in the distance.

How am I going to get down there?

It is a really difficult descent into the volcano’s crater.

The daredevil is delighted to have finally reached his destination.

This close up view looks like lava hell.

Here is a small piece of lava.

This video features views which have never been seen before!

Having contact with the magma would result in certain death!

source: SPLOID