See a Man Rescue a “Foal” on a Unstable Bridge While The Mother Horse Watches!!!

source: YouTube
While driving by in a car, a photographer encounters a horse and a recently born foal who appeared to be in some sort of trouble. The man discovered a horse standing on a tree bridge with her foal lying down and not moving
! This bridge is very uneven and unstable and the mother is very protective of her stricken child so the man could be placing himself in danger! Nevertheless, he decides to help!

A hero who saves a foal in trouble.

The foal had been walking on the uneven tree bridge when one of her hooves became stuck and the young horse was unable to move! The mother horse remained at her child’s side but the situation looked perilous for the two

source: YouTube
As the man approaches the horses, the mother is clearly agitated and wary of the stranger.

In order to allow to use both hands, the photographer places his camera and equipment on the ground.
source: YouTube

As he kneels next to the foal, the size of the mother horse is quite intimidating!
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The man is able to gently extricate the hoof of the foal from the hole and the young horse is free!
source: YouTube
The mother horse watches nearby as the man guides the foal off the tree bridge and to safety!

The two horses remain standing while the man retrieves his camera and equipment.
source: YouTube
My mother also follows it properly.

Here is a photo of the horses as a memento of his heroic rescue!
source: YouTube
What a wonderful act by this man!

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This man put his safety in jeopardy in order to help two animals and his selfless actions should be acclaimed and recognized!

source: youtube