See the Rescue of a Trapped Baby Underneath a Dresser by His Twin Brother!!!

source: YouTube
A home security camera captured a terrifying image of a two-year old boy trapped underneath a large dresser! This looked to be a serious situation of life and death until he was rescued by the most unlikely of heroes who happens to be his twin brother!

Please take a look at these stunning images which capture this scary situation and how a little boy performed a miraculous rescue of his trapped twin brother!

A twin brother is a hero.

A dresser has fallen on one of the little brothers and he pinned down by the heavy weight of the furniture and is unable to move! It is clearly a serious situation and the parents are totally unaware of what is happening!
source: YouTube

His twin brother who was playing on the other side of the room rushes over to help his screaming brother!
source: YouTube
It seems like a hopeless situation and it appears impossible for the little boy to lift up the heavy dresser.

However, the little boy starts to try to lift up the dresser!
source: YouTube

Wow! The dresser actually starts to move slightly!
source: YouTube

Unbelievable! This tiny boy is showing some amazing strength as he slowly lifts the dresser and allows his twin brother to crawl away to safety!
source: YouTube
What an amazing rescue! I’m so glad that no one was seriously hurt!

Please watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

A video of this wonderful video was posted on the social media network of Facebook.

▼ Later, there was a message posted by the twin brother’s father to other parents with children on Facebook.

It is important to be careful of placing heavy furniture in young children’s bedrooms for such a situation and this 2-year-old boy is a real hero!

source: youtube / facebook