A Mother and Newborn Black Rhinoceros Enjoy a Bath Together For the First Time!!!

source: YouTube
Here is a delightful image of a mother black rhinoceros and her newborn baby taken at a zoo located in the state of Iowa in the United States.

First time bathing for mother and child.

This is the first time for mother rhino and her child to have a bath together and they both really seem to love the experience!
source: YouTube

It’s pretty amazing to watch these huge animals have a bath!

Now, it’s the baby rhino’s turn to enjoy the sensation of a bath for the first time ever!

The baby rhino slips and tumbles onto the ground!
source: YouTube

So clumsy and yet so cute too!
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source: YouTube

This is simply one of the cutest baby animals ever!

Rhino knowledge.

There are 5 types of rhinoceros currently on earth and all of them are endangered or protected species at this time and the two most common species of rhinoceros are the “white” and “black” and both inhabit the savanna grasslands of Africa.

▼ The “white” rhinoceros is 3 to 4 meters long and weighs approximately 2 tons!
source: farm1.static.flickr.com

▼ The “black” rhinoceroses is slightly smaller at less than 3 meters in length and weighs approximately 1 ton.
source: buzzap.net

These magnificent animals are actually neither “white” or “black” but are one of the most amazing and endangered animals as they are targets for “illegal poaching” of their horns. I hope that these animals will remain and flourish in the wild!

source: youtube

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