Watch a Warmhearted Little Girl Give Her Dinner to a Homeless Man!!!

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Here is a pretty little girl named “Ella” who recently demonstrated a wonderful gesture of kindness and humanity that created a huge sensation with online viewers from all over the world!

“Ella” lives in the state of California in the USA and was having dinner with her father in a restaurant one evening.

A homeless man is sitting at a bus stop outside the window of the restaurant

On August 31, 2016, Ella was having dinner with her father when she saw the homeless man.
When the server brought her dinner order to the table, the young girl suddenly asked her father this amazing question.“Can I give this to that person outside?”

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Her father quickly answered. “GO”! So, the young girl stood up with her plate of food!

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For a brief moment, Ella actually hesitated as she started to reconsider her kind gesture.

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However, her father urged her on and the little girl proceeded to walk outside with her plate of food and approached the homeless man who was sitting on a bench!

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She gently offered her plate of food along with her knife and fork to the startled man and returned to her seat in the restaurant.

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As Ella silently watched the homeless man eating her plate of food from her seat in the restaurant, her father commented to her in a gentle voice. “You did well, that was a wonderful thing to do!” I called a voice.

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The young girl appeared to enjoy watching her dinner being eaten by a total stranger!

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Please take a look and watch this emotional and heartwarming video!

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This magnificent act of kindness and generosity should be followed by more people everywhere and always consider reaching out and helping those in need!

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It seems that this little girl was following the words and convictions of her father who was always reminding her to express kindness to people who may appreciate the generosity and selfless act of a stranger!

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