See 10 Amazing Examples of Modern Japanese Skills and Techniques!!!

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There are many examples of traditional “Japanese craftsmanship” but this video showcases many modern skills and techniques that exist in Japan today and has become a very popular topic of discussion with online viewers everywhere!

Nissan Motor Corporation has produced this video that is titled THE PROFESSIONALS OF JAPAN. This promotional video focuses on the amazing skills and techniques that Japanese workers possess. Please take a look and marvel at the 10 surprising skills and high level of craftsmanship of Japanese are shown here!

1. Wood Thinning Technique.

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The thinness of wood is carefully shaved to only 0.008 mm or (8 microns) of actual thickness!

2. Super Stacking Technique.

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This person has spectacular stacking skills!

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I have no idea how this person is able to do this!

3. Wooden Log Loading and Unloading Technique.

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What incredible skill to see how the driver can do this with such a large truck and so many heavy wooden logs!

4. Scraping & Cutting Technique.

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A very impressive display of delicate control!

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Working with such a thin and fragile piece of wood without breaking it is quite impressive!

5. Smooth Handwork Technique.

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It’s almost as if they are dancing!

6. Window Wiping Technique.

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These two cleaners are perfectly synchronized! It’s beautiful to watch!

7. Bouncy Pile Driving Technique.

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The teamwork of these construction workers doing this challenging task is fantastic!

8. Fire Extinguishing Technique.

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This is a spectacular combination of deft manipulation and speed! The fire is extinguished instantly!

9. Carrying and Balancing Technique.

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source: YouTube

A woman somehow is able to carry and balance 15 boxes! Brilliant!

10. Skill Transfer Technique

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The person at the bottom delicately tosses the material to the person on the middle floor who then tosses it up to another person on the floor above him!

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The timing and coordination to complete this process is remarkable!

Please take a look and enjoy the remarkable skills and techniques of the modern craftsmanship of Japanese workers in this video!

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source: YouTube

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I was so impressed with these workers and their amazing techniques and skills!