See the Adorable Reaction of a Tiger Who is Surprized by a Famous F1 Race Driver!!!

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Here is a vivid and entertaining image of a tiger being surprised from behind by a famous sports celebrity is now being talked about by many online viewers from all over the world!

This situation was staged by the Black Jaguar · White Tiger Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Mexico which has been staged every year since 2008 features a famous sports celebrity being photographed with an endangered species of large wild cat! This years version featured Champion Formula 1 Race Car Driver Luis Hamilton surprising a the large tiger from behind!

Please take a look and watch the video!

Catching a tiger by the tail?

A tiger is walking along with the F1 Race Driver silently approaching the tiger from behind. The big cat has not recognized that the hunter is being hunted!

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Lewis Hamilton continues to edge closer and closer to the tiger.

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The tiger briefly stops and seems to sense something is amiss but still is completely unaware of the impending attack from behind!

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The F1 race driver is just inches away from the predator cat!

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And now the time has finally come for the surprise! Hamilton lightly touches the back of the tiger with his fingertips.

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The surprised tiger actually jumps a little before collapsing to the ground and rolling on her back in playful shock! “What’s going on!” The big cat’s reaction is not violent and aggressive at all! He looks like he almost wants to play in this unusual situation!

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Please take a look and watch the extended video of this wonderful and hilarious video!

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What did you think?

This ferocious predator cat was so gentle and passive during this surprising and comical encounter!

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