A Zoo in Tokyo Recreates the Desert Conditions of the Rare Fennec Fox!!!

source: petfun.jp
Do you know about the Fennec Fox?

Perhaps most people have never heard of this animal but it is the smallest species of canine creature in the world today and resembles a small fox with a body weight of an adult at just 1 kilogram. These animals usually reside in arid areas of desert It is usually an animal living in the desert. Two years ago, at the “Inokashira Natural Cultural Park” in Tokyo, a playground was redeveloped for the resident “fennec” population to live and possibly breed. Their natural environment of desert was recreated!

source: tokyo-zoo.net

Delighted Fennecs in the deserts of Tokyo.

The “Tokyo ZooNet” website provides the latest information on Tokyo area zoos which include the Ueno Zoo, Tama Animal Park, Kasai Waterfront Park, Inokashira Aquatic Garden and the Inokashira Natural Culture Park posted a video of the the “fennec’s” new habitat on the social media network (SNS) of Twitter and soon became a very popular topic with online viewers worldwide!

This playground has been redeveloped even more in the past year!

▼ Rocks were also added to resemble the arid conditions of the desert.

▼ There is also a tunnel.

The refurbished Inokashira Natural Culture Park has attempted to replicate the desert like conditions and natural habitat of the “Fennec Fox” so it may be well worth visiting in the near future!

Please visit the “Inokashira Natural Cultural Park” and see these extremely rare Fennec Foxes!

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