A Mysterious Cat Guides a Man Lost in the Mountains Back to Safety!!!

source: reddit
There are strange things that can not be explained by physics or chemistry and here is one such story of a man who got lost in the mountains of Switzerland. Although, he had a map, he soon became lost in the mountains and clearly in danger of being lost!

source: reddit
A solitary cat suddenly appeared out of nowhere and proceeded to somehow persuade the man to follow him! Several times, the cat looked back and forth many times to ascertain whether the man was following. Eventually the cat guided him to the bottom of the valley and back to civilization and safety!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

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This mysterious cat saved this man’s life and is truly a wonderful story!

The mountain mystery of the savior cat.

source: reddit
The man posted this magical experience to overseas online bulletin board called “Reddit” and amazingly some other people also posted having the same experience of a mysterious cat rescuing them after becoming lost in the mountains!

Perhaps this cat is the guardian spirit of this mountain.

source: reddit/youtube