See the Fantastic Versatility of an Egg Slicer for Various Fruits and Vegetables in this Video!!!

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An egg slicer is an incredibly useful kitchen gadget that can expertly cut a boiled egg into perfectly even slices! But did you know that this device can also cut various fruits and vegetables?

Here are some delightful images of an egg slicer displaying multi-dimensional capability in slicing fruits and vegetables with the same precision and ease as boiled eggs in these fantastic images and video!

A Perfectly Sliced Kiwi.

Here is a kiwi being placed into the egg slicer.

source: YouTube
source: YouTube

The egg slicer is able to cut the kiwi with a uniform thickness that is quite difficult to achieve with a kitchen knife.

Cleanly Cut Strawberries.

Strawberries are cut perfectly using the egg slicer.

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source: YouTube

Perhaps, this egg slicer would be a helpful gadget for slices of fruit on dessert toppings and on cakes and pies.

A Mushroom is Cut to Perfection.

When you cut as it is placed in the egg slicer mushroom.

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source: YouTube

The egg truly displays a wonderful capability to cut fruits and vegetables with ease and accuracy.

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It is always earlier than cooking can be likely, such as when the gratin and stews.

An Avocado is Cut Quickly and Easily.

After peeling an avocado and removing the seed, the egg slicer is able to cut the avocado evenly.

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An avocado is slightly softer in texture than a boiled egg but the egg slicer is able to do the job nonetheless.

Even a Slab of Butter Can Be Cut Easily by the Egg Slicer.

The egg slicer can be disassembled and can effectively slice through butter as well!

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It is cut at just the right thickness without needing a kitchen knife.

Mozzarella Cheese is Also Cut Cleanly Through.

Mozzarella cheese can also be cut cleanly through using the egg slicer.

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A delicious appetizer of sliced tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and olive oil is created with the egg slicer.

Garlic is Conveniently Chopped.

Here is some garlic is placed on the base of the egg slicer and is finely chopped by altering the direction many times.

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Please take a look at the video displaying the multi-purpose capability of the egg slicer!

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source: YouTube

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I think that many people will take advantage of the usefulness of the egg slicer!

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