Learn How to Create Do It Yourself (DIY) Magnets in Just 5 Minutes!!!

source: YouTube
Here is a set of keys that appear to be magically sticking to an electric switch!

Actually, these electrically charged magnets were easily created in just 5 minutes! Here is a convenient and simple method to create these magnets are shown below in easy to follow instructions!

Do It Yourself (DIY) Magnets.

The cord around the desk is also refreshed with magnets!
▼ Attach the ball portion of a ballpoint pen to the cord.
source: YouTube

▼ Connect the Magnet to the Desk.
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▼ It’s so convenient!
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An impact driver is also convenient with a magnet!

▼ A Magnet Attached to a Driver!
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▼ This is super convenient if there are screws are attached to the magnet!
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Even when you have turned the screws, it is still being refreshed with the magnet

▼ I did it!
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▼ In such a case, just hold the magnet from behind.
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▼ Success!
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If the pen also has magnets it will not lose its magnetic power!

▼ If you put a magnet on the pen.
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▼ The pen is able to function normally.
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▼This homemade magnet is stuck on the surface of the refrigerator with electric magnetism.
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Please try this easy and entertaining DIY magnet magic with your family and friends!

source: YouTube