Introducing a Beautiful Coffee Table with Brilliant Colors and Design!!!

Please take a look at this beautiful coffee that has a name “DelMare” which means from the ocean in Italian and was created by Romanian office designer “Eduard Locota”. This furniture piece is made of the highest quality materials and is certain to increase in value over time so it would be a spectacular addition to anyone’s living room or den!

Made with marble and acrylic glass.

The materials of the “DelMare” table is composed of white marble at the bottom of the table while the table top is made of acrylic glass which creates an effect of a gentle ocean wave gliding over a white sand beach. These tables are handmade which adds to its value.


The beautiful design is able to reflect light and its appearance and atmosphere changes depending on the viewing angle!

There are currently four table sizes being created: Medium size (4,900 Euros), medium large (7,900 Euros), extra large custom size (11,000 Euros), and extra large custom (15,500 Euros). This table is expensive but is well worth the price!

Table Sizes and Dimensions
Medium: L 90 cm / 60 cm W / H 33 cm
Large: L 120 cm / 90 cm W / H 36 cm
Extra Large: L 150 centimeters / 100 cm W / H 38 cm
Custom: L 100 – 200 cm / W 60 – 100 cm / H 33 – 48 cm

Please take a look at the official page of the “DelMare” Website

This is simply a beautiful coffee table design that would would enhance the overall beauty of any home living room or den! This rare and exquisite furniture piece will only increase in value over time so please consider the “DelMare” ocean themed table!