See a 2000-Year-Old “Lump of Butter” that was Recently Found in Ireland!!!


This amazing artifact was recently recovered from the marshy bogs of Ireland and testing revealed that this is actually a lump of butter that is estimated to be almost 2000 years old! This discovery has generated a huge buzz of interest with online viewers from all over the world!

It was discovered in the Mies region of Ireland.

It was believed to find such a material at the bottom of a muddy swamp after nearly two millennia was virtually impossible.

People discovered the artifact while digging in a swamp for peat near their home at a depth of nearly 3.6 meters and weighed approximately 10 kilograms!

The soil in the marshy bog is said to be high in acidity at low temperature creating an effect similar to a refrigerator. Although the discovered butter was quit unstable, the texture of the chunky mass was smooth and had a strong odor similar to fermented cheese. It is believed that it could be indeed edible but researchers believed it is not safe to consume.


Hundreds of butter chunks have been discovered!

According to a paper submitted to the Irish Archeology Journal, it is said that it was quite common to preserve butter in this manner several thousand years ago. Hundreds of similar butter chunks have been discovered in Ireland and Scotland and dates back several millennia.

In the Middle Ages butter was regarded as a luxury good and was used as payment for taxes and rent to landowners and were sometimes used as an offering to local deities and spirits by burying it deep in the ground!

What an amazing discovery! I hope that no one tries to eat it with a sandwich!