See the Amazing Images of a “Space X” Rocket’s Pinpoint Landing on a Ship in the Ocean!!!

source: YouTube
Here are some amazing images of a rocket designed and developed by “Space X” that can be landed with pinpoint accuracy at any location!

Until now, launching a rocket into space required disconnecting stages of the craft after the launch and when returning to the earth, a small capsule was forced to land at some location in the ocean. However, the rocket developed by “Space X” is able to be landed at a precise location at any stage of launching sequence. The company recently conducted a test in which a rocket was able to accomplish a pinpoint landing on a ship floating in the ocean

A rocket that can land traveling backwards!

Here is the rocket in the process of launching into space!
source: YouTube

▼ Here is the rocket reversing direction to land!
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The ability to land at a such a precise location is simply amazing!

Please enjoy watching the extended video below.

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There are also images from the ship’s point of landing.
source: YouTube

A 360 degree camera function allows you to watch this amazing feat from any angle!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

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This is a significant breakthrough since the “Space X” rocket can be landed with pinpoint accuracy and also can be reused for future flights! Traveling to and from space in the near future has become one step closer to reality!

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