Someday it may be useful! How to make “space sandwich” in zero gravity space

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I usually make sandwiches casually. But the procedure to make a sandwich changes on the ground and the universe.

In the universe, various ingenuity has been applied to eat a little even efficiently. This time we will introduce < NASA astronauts how to make sandwiches with peanut butter and jelly at the International Space Station .

Meals are always fun, but tape and Velcro (Velcro) are stuck around here as everything floats. The bread you need to make a sandwich is not ordinary bread トルティーヤ Use. While preparing other things, fix it with tape so that the tortilla will not fly.

source: YouTube

Open the bottle of peanut butter. Velcro is also attached to the lid. Fix the lid to the table so that it will not fly anywhere with air conditioning.

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Scrape peanut butter and apply it to tortilla。

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Next, apply jelly. (I did not know that there was jelly in the tube.)

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Collaboration of peanut butter and jelly!

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Afterwards you can wrap a tortilla and finish it.

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Yes Have fun ♪

source: YouTube

How was it? Space travel will take on the reality in the future The development of space technology should bring such wisdom and knowledge to the day.

The author was surprised by the fact that vegetables are not caught even though it is a sandwich and the combination of jam and peanut butter. But what foods are not necessarily eatable, and paste-like ones are good. In an actual video, the feeling of weightlessness fluffy is transmitted. Please have a look.

See Video Here

source: YouTube / 出典:Wikipedia

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