See a Baby Goat Sleeping on the Back of a Mokomoko Sheep in Japan!!!

source: twitter
Here is a Mokomoko sheep who is residing in the Morioka City Zoological Park in Aomori prefecture which is one of Japan’s most popular zoos. Every summer this kind and gentle sheep offers her soft and woolly back as a sleeping area for a baby goat who has just been born!

A gentle sheep.

It seems that this sheep has a strong maternal instinct and willingly provide her back as a sleeping area for baby goats every summer when they are born at the zoo.
source: twitter
▼ The baby goats look content and comfortable!
source: twitter

This sheep’s motherly efforts towards infant animals is a popular attraction with visitors!

Visiting the Morioka City Zoological Park would be great family activity in the summer but children are asked not to try to climb on the backs of the adult sheep!

source: twitter