The “Eco Cooler” is a Low-Cost Device for the Heat of Developing Countries!!!

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“Bangladesh” is a very hot country so the “Eco-Cooler” has developed and has been adopted in many homes as it doesn’t require any electricity! The maximum temperature reaches 45 degrees centigrade in the summer in this country and more than 70% of home still do not have electricity to power an air conditioner so the “Eco-Cooler” has become a big success as an alternative home cooling system!

The Revolutionary “Eco Cooler”

The “Eco-Cooler” is very simple to create and it is so easy to construct that even elementary students can create one!

▼ Just connect the opening of a PET bottle into a plate with holes.
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▼ You can simply install the “Eco Cooler” into a window!
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The air temperature in the house actually becomes cooler!

The scientific principle is quite simple!
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With the mouth of the plastic bottle “breathing” the hot and humid air into the device, the breath released is several degrees cooler which allows the room or home to be cooled gradually!

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Easy, but the effect is overwhelming!

It has been estimated that the temperature inside the house drops by about 5° Centigrade due to the installation of the“Eco-Cooler”.

▼ In this video, the room temperature of 45 ° Centigrade had actually dropped to 35 ° Centigrade in just a few hours!
source: YouTube

▼ Actually, the “Eco Cooler” has helped some many families in Bangladesh from protecting them from heatstroke!
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This simple DIY device is really helping people improve the quality of their lives in Bangladesh so it is hoped that this simple device will soon become popular in other developing countries in the future!

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