See this Adorable Puppy Display Cute Swimming Technique Inside and Outside the Bath!!!

source: YouTube
Here is an absolutely adorable “Shiba Inu” puppy display some delightfully cute swimming technique both inside and outside the bath in the wonderful video!

Here is the puppy imitating an aerial dog paddle!

I wonder if the puppy knows that he is not in the water at this point!
source: YouTube

Here is the puppy getting slowly immersed in the water!
source: YouTube

However, the puppy’s owner slowly raises the puppy out of the bath!

The puppy continues to slowly move his feet as if the pooch is still submerged in the bath!
source: YouTube

Please enjoy watching the video of the cute swimming “Shiba-chan”!

See Video Here

This puppy’s movement is so similar to a human child! This is a really delightful video!

source: youtube