Two Lions at a Zoo in Chile Had to be Killed After a Man Climbed into Their Enclosure!!!


“This is a terrible tragedy and should have never happened for the sake of such a selfish man!”

At the Santiago Zoo in Chile, a man under duress attempted suicide by climbing into the caged enclosure inhabited by two lions. Zoo authorities were alerted to the emergency and made the controversial decision to kill the lions in order to save the life of the man. This tragedy created a huge amount of outrage from online viewers everywhere!


This event occurred at a zoo in the capital city of Santiago, Chile on May 21st as the man attempted to kill himself by breaking into the lion’s enclosure at the zoo.

The zoo sacrificed the 2 lions to save the man!

The man was described to be in his twenties and is said to have used a rope to climb down into the lion enclosure. After he was attacked by one of the animals, zoo officials made the fateful decision to kill the two lions rather than wait for a tranquilizer gun to slowly take effect and leave the possibility open that the lions would attack and kill the injured man.

Due to this foolish selfish act of this individual, two majestic animals were killed for no apparent reason.


This shocking news created an outcry of disbelief and shock as people from all over the world voiced their disapproval of the conduct of the zoo.

The director of the animal park where the incident took place described the incident as “very sad” and considered the loss of the two lions as members of the family since they had resided in the zoo for more than 20 years.

The life of these noble creatures was lost because of the selfish action of human being!