A Tortoise Who Lost His Shell in a Fire Has a Miracle Replacement from a 3D Printer!!!

source: YouTube
Here is a photo of a tortoise named “Freddie” with a shell that has been produced by a 3D printer! Due to a wildfire that took place in Brazil, this tortoise lost nearly 85% of its shell and was discovered walking down a country road and was brought to a volunteer group called the “Animal Avengers” in the city of Sao Paulo who help to create a shell from a 3D printers.

The Volunteer Team “Animal Avengers”.

This volunteer team are called the “Animal Avengers” and decided to called the tortoise “Freddie”. When “Freddie” was discovered immediately after the wildfire had taken place, the tortoise was in a terrible state.
source: YouTube

A member of the Avengers of who was a veterinarian along with a 3D designer, dental surgeons and artists created a a new shell for the tortoise using a 3D printer.
source: YouTube
source: YouTube

Here is the finished shell for “Freddie” and it fits perfectly!
source: YouTube
However, the pure white color of the shell was unnatural so local artists helped to paint the shell!

source: YouTube

Now, it looks perfect!
source: YouTube

Freddie” was saved by the help and assistance of “Animal Avengers”.
source: YouTube
“Animal Avengers” is a wonderful volunteer organization and has used 3D printer technology to help other animals such as a toucan, goose, and a beak for a parrot.

source: csmonitor.com / youtube