A Dog Owner Takes a “Selfie” Photo While Posing with Her Smiling Dog!!!

source: YouTube
Here is an owner with her small dog and she is attempting to take a “selfie” photo of the two of them with a digital camera. The dog seems to perfectly understand the situation and the small pet proceeds to actually smile for the camera! Apparently, the cute couple create a hilarious and comical image!

A dog mimics a facial expression for the camera!

At the moment of the shooting this photo, the small dog appears to laugh for the camera!
source: YouTube
The small dog’s laughing expression and smile looks so similar to the owner’s facial expression! It is an adorable and comical photo!

Here is the owner trying to encourage the small pooch to smile for the photo a second time! Will it be successful?
source: YouTube

Here is the second attempt of the owner taking a photo with her smiling pooch!
source: YouTube
The selfie photo was successful though the owner’s facial expression is a little strange!

What do you think?

The small dog’s smile is simply adorable!

See Video Here

This owner and her pet are so cute together!


source: youtube