What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Cola from a Plastic Bag???

Here is an image of some cola being served in a plastic on a beach in Thailand that was posted online and generated a lot of comments of the pros and cons of such a method from online viewers everywhere!

Title: A Friend of Mine Received Cola in a Plastic Bag in Thailand.


Although there would be concerns about hygiene and safety, this type of container appears to be quite popular in many countries in Asia and the rest of the world.

Online Viewer Comments.

・The same style is used in China and Vietnam.

・A plastic bag is cheaper than a paper cup.

・There is no need to return the plastic bags for a refund like bottles and cans.

・It’s the same style in Mexico.

・It is easier to carry the bag!

The lack of refrigerators in these countries along with the cheaper costs of a plastic bag compared to a cup appeared to be main reasons for this type of container along with the less harmful impact to the environment. Cups are estimated to cost 2 cents while plastic bags are only 0.1 cent! In addition, cups require more storage space compared to plastic bags!

Other foreign tourists throughout Asia commented that soft drinks in other countries were served soft drinks in exactly the same way so there must be some solid reasons for this method!

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