A Very Unusual Global Map created in Japan in 1914!!



Here is a caricature of a world map that was created in Japan prior to 1914 which is over 100 years ago. Now, it looks quite unusual and it became a popular topic online.

Countries have caricatures of animals associated with them and the size and strength of these animals appear to represent the relative global power of the countries in 1914 from the Japan perspective. Russia as a bear, China as a pig, India as an elephant, Japan as a samurai and the USA aa a bystander are some of the interesting features. Please take a look.

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Japan is represented as a samurai.
d140731d00002China is depicted as a large pig.

Russia is a giant bear.

India is depicted as an elephant.

Germany is depicted as a wild boar which was also done during the First World War in Europe.

America appears to be a bystander in the lower right.

This map has surprising a high quality considering it was made 100 years ago. Also, it has captured some interesting features of each country. It is a very interesting map.

source: reddit.com