Watch an Amazing Video of Ripening an Immature Avocado in Just 10 Minutes!!!


Here is an amazing video on how to ripen an immature avocado in just 10 minutes! This topic became extremely popular with online viewers everywhere!.

Purchasing a perfectly ripe avocado at the supermarket is challenging so this quick and convenient technique to make any avocado soft and ready to eat.

First, cover the avocado with aluminum foil.

Then, place the avocado in a warm oven that has been pre-heated at 90 degrees.

Then, avocado is soft and ripe. That’s all there is to it.

Lastly, take the avocado out of the oven and it will be ready eat and enjoy! Please watch the video that shows the entire process!

How to identify a mature and ripe avocado.

It is possible to identify if an avocado is mature by “feel” and “color”. A mature avocado is a dark black color on the outside while an immature avocado has dark green color. Also, a mature avocado has a firm but soft feeling that indicates that it is ready to eat. Pressing the calyx will help identify this.

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source: YouTube