The “Flying Tent” is an Amazing and Convenient Multifunctional Outdoor Creation!!!

source: YouTube
Here is a small and stylish tent for the outdoors and is called “The Flying Tent”.f

If installed on the ground, it can be quickly set up to be a comfortable one-person sleeping tent! However, “The Flying Tent” has some other amazing multifunctional features!

How to use “The Flying Tent”.

1. A Hammock for relaxing or sleeping outside.
source: YouTube

2. A Hammock with a Mosquito Net.
source: YouTube

3. A Waterproof Floating Tent.
source: YouTube

4. A Raincoat or Poncho.
source: YouTube

These various functions are easy to create and can be completed in a short period of time!

The tent application can be assembled in Just 7 Seconds!

It just needs to be removed from the case and spread out onto the ground!
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source: YouTube
Wow! This is so convenient and easy to set up!

“The Flying Tent” is currently under development and seeking investment through the crowdfunding website called “Kickstarter”. The Flying Tent of KickStarter. If you would like to learn more about this amazing product, please click on the website link. The Flying Tent on KickStarter.

source: kickstarter / youtube