The Blue Earth Hamburger Has an Amazing Bun That Looks Like the Actual Earth!!!

source: Twitter

Do you know about The Blue Earth Burger?

The Blue Earth Burger is a famous hamburger created by a restaurant owner and chef Hayami Mokomichi in Yokohama, Japan.

Here is the popular and famous “Blue Earth Burger!”

Te Blue Earth Burger Bun was colored blue and an image of the earth was designed on the hamburger bun! It actually tastes delicious!


source: Instagram

The Blue Earth Burger uses natural colorings and ingredients to make their striking and colorful menu items!

It doesn’t really look real food! Wow! I’d like to try this unusual looking burger if it isn’ dangerous to eat!

Here are some other amazing menu items!

In 2015, Hayami Mokomichi also created and sold for a limited time a fabulous looking desert called The Yellowstone Cheese Cake.. It had a striking visual appearance!

Here is the orginal Yellowstone hot springs with mineralized water that is located in the United States ↓

source: Twitter

Here is Yellowstone Cheese Cake.


source: Instagram

The vivid colors and shape is quite amazing and apparently it was also very delicious!

The Monkey Magic Burger went on sale on March 1, 2016 for a limited time.


source: Instagram

The hamburger bun features the face of a cute monkey and should be as delicious as the other fantastic menu items at this restaurant in Yokohama, Japan!

What did you think?

These menu items truly have a strong visual element that is unique and unusual!

source: Twitter / Instagram