NASA Discovers “Seven Planets” Like the Earth in a Solar System that May Support Life!!!


NASA recently reported a major discovery of seven earth-like planets located in a solar system that closely could support life just 39 light years away from our own solar system!

In July last year, NASA had discovered a planet which had been named “Kepler 452b” that also could have the conditions for the existence of liquid water was located more than 1,400 light-years away from the Earth so to find seven planet so close is a significant scientific discovery and has many researchers extremely excited!


The same size as the Earth with the possibility of water.

The seven extra-solar planets were discovered around the star named “Trapist 1” and are estimated to be around the same size as the Earth (0.76 to 1.13 times the Earth) and are located in a “habitable zone” from the star which could mean that surface temperatures are neither too hot or too cold!


Also, six of the planets have a similar mass as the Earth and are composed of rocks along with other properties that could reveal the possible existence of surface water.


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This latest discovery could eventually lead to a potential discovery of the existence of extraterrestrial life!

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