An Emergency Rescue of an Abandoned Puppy on a Cliff Came From a Post on Facebook!!!

source: facebook
In the the state of Parana in Brazil, a heartwarming story took place about a tiny dog that was abandoned on a cliff in the wilderness and the collective rescue efforts by people who were brought together on Facebook! The abandoned dog was left in the wilderness wrapped in a plastic bag and was in a perilous situation!

Marcia Lutz arrived at the scene and quickly that more people were needed to complete the rescue and various people responded to her posts on Facebook including two nurses who had rushed to the scene after reading about the situation on the SNS network!

A person immediately arrives on the scene to attempt the rescue of the tiny dog!

▼ People gather at the cliffside to cooperate in their rescue attempt.!

▼The puppy is safely rescued!

From the first post on Facebook, a response to this distress call occurred in less than 30 minutes!

This was a fantastic example of effective usage of SNS!

▼Here was the actual location where the small dog was abandoned. It is a very remote area!
source: facebook

The people who successfully rescued this abandoned puppy should be commended! What a magnificent act of kindness!

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