Here are 8 Amazing Examples of Dog’s Sense of Smell Detecting Medical Conditions!!!


Here are eight amazing examples of a dog’s sense of smell detecting medical conditionsLittle Things that are explained in more detail!

1. A high probability of detecting people who may have cancer.
The dog is said to be good for the human 10,000 times to 100,000 times the nose, let me know barking when there is something wrong with the owner of the body. In addition, the dog from the strong sense of smell is said to be able to sniff the smell of VOC (volatile organic compound made in the body of a cancer patient). According to the American Urological Association survey, the dog is so was able to tell the people is not the case with the people of cancer in 98 percent of the time.

2. Able to quickly detect pregnancy in women.
By owner of the woman is pregnant, it says the dog will be able to attentive. The dog’s nose is not very good, you quickly notice the smell emanating from the woman when the woman is pregnant. In some cases, it seems sometimes to sit towards the end of the house frightened to its smell. In such a case, in addition to such as to ensure the dog dedicated location, let’s contact with the more little gentle dog.

3. Able to accurately detect impending earthquakes.
The dog will increase the number of times that the barking and feel a sign of the earthquake. As an example, it turned up reports that dogs just before the Haicheng earthquake in China will occur in 1975 was an abnormal behavior. The dog twice as good of intuition than that of the human, sensitivity of the sound is excellent four times. To notice quickly to subtle changes in air pressure and gravity, called the earthquake can also perceive.

4. Able to detect truthfulness or deceit in human behavior.
Experiments to investigate the Natsuki ease of dogs that have been made in the University of Milan, the dog was found to be able to determine whether the human conduct is right or wrong. The contents of the experiment, by first dividing the actors into two groups, in one of the actors asked to play a friendly person to divide the meal to the homeless, I got to the other actors, I play a person who bellow to homeless It was. As a result, it is dog-friendly groups that become emotionally attached was found.

5. Able to detect people’s feelings toward other people.
When you encounter to hate people, the dog will notice that. And, we feel the difference in your subtle attitude and voice, it will try to protect you from the asshole. On the other hand, also when you encounter a favorite person. Human issues a dopamine from the body when it is happy, but the dog is aware of it.

6. Able to detect people who may have type 1 diabetes.
The dog will be able to discover the type 1 diabetes blood sugar level drops to abnormal. In the United Kingdom of the charity organization “Medical Detection Dogs”, in promoting the education of the dog that can perceive the diabetes. They are trained to if you perceive the smell emanating from the body at the time of low blood sugar, lick the person who is suspected of diabetes.

7. Am to detect human emotions through sound.
Researchers of the University of London, rather than people who hum humming, we discovered that the dog snuggle up to those of people who are crying. In other words, the dog we can see through the human emotions by sound. Such as when the owner is crying depressed, the dog is trying to comfort their owners, for us snuggled beside.

8. Able to detect a future childbirth in pregnant women.
To many of the women shortly before the birth, it has reported that the dog has a different behavior and everyday. To ovulation time women will be strong smell of pheromones, but the dog will respond to this smell. Shortly before the birth, the dog will look like smell the bottom of the female frequently.

These are simply amazing abilities that dogs may be able to detect and should be investigated seriously as the benefits would really help improve the quality of life of people as well as potentially save lives!