See the Unusual Antics of the Cuddly Cat Who Appears to Behave Like a Dog Instead!!!

source: YouTube
Here is an adult cat that is behaving just like a Dog! This video captures the eccentric behavior of this feline who doesn’t appear to act like a cat at all! This cat was raised and brought up by his owners just like a pet pooch! Please take a look and watch the extended video of some canine-like behavior from this cuddly cat!

▼ Here is the cat having a “tug of war” battle with one the cat’s owners that is exactly the same behavior as a dog!
source: YouTube

▼ This cat also loves to go and fetch toys and pass them back to his owner just a like a pet pooch!
source: YouTube

▼ The cat keeps his mouth open just like a frisky and attentive puppy!
source: YouTube
This child, completely I’ve think you are a dog! In addition, You pretty smart even in the dog! A change in cats can also be brought up environment, it’s being changed until the personality!

Please watch the following video that displays the dog-like behavior of this adorable feline!

See Video Here

This crazy cat really does appear to have the personality of a dog! What an amazing video and unusual behavior for a cat!

source: youtube