Watch a Cat Ambush and Jump on a Small Girl Who is Walking in the Snow on Video!!!


A shocking surprize awaits this infant as a cat walking beside her in the snow suddenly jumps on top of the child! Please watch this video that captures the entire event which has become a topic sensation with online viewers worldwide!

It is a cold and snowy winter day and a a little girl with oversized mittens and using a pacifier is walking around outside with the family cat. It appears to be a lovely and tranquil scene of a child spending time with her pet.

Here is a little girl walking down a snow-covered road with a cat also following close behind her.

The small girl is momentarily distracted and stops to look back and then resumes her stroll. At that moment, the cat suddenly leaps up and attempts to jump on the back of the toddler!

To see the entire episode, please have a look at the video! This surprize and ambush of the little girl by the family feline is totally unexpected!

See Video Here

source: YouTube