The National Flags of these 4 Countries are so Similar that They may be Difficult to Identify?!?

Where does this national flag come from?


The correct answer is “some country in Eastern Europe and it is the national flag of “Romania”.

Now, where does this national flag come from?


Oh, is it “Romania” ? You might think that, but in fact, it is different. This country is located in the central part of Africa. It is the flag of the “Chad Republic”. These similar flags are difficult for people who are not familiar with the subtle differences.

What’s the difference?


In the Romania and Chad national flags, which are so similar, what exactly is the difference?


In fact, “the left edge of the blue“is a little different. The Chad flag has a “slightly darker colour of blue”. And, the Romania flag blue section is slightly thinner. Hmm, It is difficult to determine these slight differences.

Here are 2 national flags which are in fact twins!

First of all, here is one flag!


This country is located in Southeast Asia and is the national flag of “the Republic of Indonesia”.

And, take a look at this flag.


This country is located in Western Europe and is the national flag of “Monaco”. Can you see the similarities or differences?

Where’s the difference?

When you look at the flags side by side, you can clearly that the design is exactly the same, but the difference is somehow the actual size and scale of each flag. The flag of Indonesia has a smaller vertical ratio compared to the flag of Monaco.

Although there are other national flags that are also similar, these four countries depicted above are excellent examples of subtle similarities and differences.

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