Stylish Super Straw for Daughter’s Birthday is an Amazing Gift by Her Dad!!!


It is his Daughter’s birthday, and her dad prepares a straw of the ridiculous length of 50 meters. Papa of action that surprised daughter This unusual present has become a popular online overseas.

It is not a birthday decoration but part of his daughter’s birthday gift.creative_dad_06_R

The straw also goes downstairs and seems to lead to the second floor.

If you go upstairs, it is such a surprise! It’s  “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” made ​​of straw! Dad, nice job!

The straw keeps going. Where on earth is it going to?

Oh, I see! It has led to the birthday juice! By the way, it seems like his daughter loves juice.

This juice and this straw is a great way to say “Happy Birthday”!?!

It was created while the daughter was taking a nap.

By the way, this 50 meter straw is a very creative gift that anyone would appreciate. This birthday surprise would be a lifetime of memories for any child! Well Done Dad!